99.9 % Quality means

99.9 % Quality means


Does 99.9 % Quality means a high level of quality?

99.9 % Quality means : 

·  21.7m lost emails each year in the UK

·  19.8m letters lost by the UK Post Office last year

·  1632 defective cars sold in the UK every yearpicture2

·  639 lost babies in maternity wards each year

·  450 failed take off or landings in the UK

·  140 people made redundant during 2003 in error

  • 80 Escaped prisoners per annum
  • 6 failed pacemakers per annum
  • 8.7 hrs of pacemaker failure last year
  • Two million documents would have been lost at the IRS.
  • 22,000 checks would have been deducted from the wrong bank accounts per hour.
  • 12 babies would have been given to the wrong parents each day (4,380 during during 1991).
  • 268,500 defective tires would have been shipped during the year.

·   103,260 tax returns would have been processed incorrectly.

·   5,517,200 cases of soft drinks produced during the year would have been flat.

·   Two plane landings would have been unsafe at O’Hare International airport per day.

·   291 pacemaker operations would have been performed incorrectly during the year.

·   20,000 incorrect drug prescriptions would have been written during the year.

·   107 incorrect medical procedures would be performed per day.

·   2 plane landings at Chicago O’Hare will be unsafe.


•            2.5 million books will be shipped in the next 12 months with the wrong cover.

•            20,000 incorrect drug prescriptions will be written in the next 12 months.

•            22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts in the next 60 minutes.

•            268,500 defective tires will be shipped this year.

•            291 pacemaker operations will be performed incorrectly this year.

•            3,056 copies of tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal will be missing one of three sections.

•            5,517,200 cases of soft drinks will be shipped flat this year.

·            • 880,000 credit cards will be produced with incorrect magnetic strips.


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